film history meme | [1/4] women: frances marion

Frances Marion was America’s highest-paid screenwriter — man or woman — from 1916 through the mid-1930’s. She wrote 200 films, covering every genre, and won two Academy Awards.

Hollywood in the teens was a magnet for creative and entrepreneurial misfits of both sexes. Filmmaking was initially not taken seriously as a business, so doors were wide open, and the skyrocketing demand for product created an atmosphere that welcomed women and in many cases nurtured their talent in a collaborative setting. Half of all films written before 1925 were written by women, but writers’ names rarely appeared on the screen.

Marion’s greatest professional triumphs and personal rewards came through her collaboration with the era’s most famous female stars, like Mary Pickford and Lillian Gish, who were also her closest friends. (x)

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