i’m leaving this blog


(same url as before but i moved)

i spent close to 4 years on this blog and that’s a long time.

like i said before, i wanted to remake because i felt like this blog no longer represented who i am, and the number of followers i have here really bothered me.

it’s very fitting that the idea came to me while basically half-watching the colbert report and realizing that i probably won’t watch the show regularly anymore because the tag “stephen colbert” was by far used the most on here (and that’s not even including some swc posts).

so it was time for a change, and if you’re still interested i moved here

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(it’s still me, ráhel or noblette)

so like i said, i’m remaking over the weekend

i named this blog back to gingerrlocks and i’m gonna start posting/following people on the new blog, noblette. (i’m keeping that url)

i’m gonna leave this blog up because i’d hate to see it disappear. 

i’m also going to make a goodbye post maybe and reblog reminders over the next few days.

but if you wanna find me, you can find me over at noblette from now on.

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i’m gonna remake over the weekend 

i’ve been here for almost 4 years now and lately i haven’t been completely comfortable with this blog. the majority of it does not represent me anymore and i just hate how many followers i have. i know only a fraction of that are active blogs but it bothers me so much. 

the realization came to me yesterday morning when i was plucking my eyebrows and watching monday’s tcr. because i don’t think i’ll continue with the show? or at least not regularly? unlike with the daily show it’s not because i don’t enjoy it anymore, i just don’t have the time and i don’t, i don’t know, feel like i need to watch it. and it feels like that was the last bit of glue holding this blog together, my love for late night tv, but i only have the late late show left and i’m not sure what’s gonna happen there either. 

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#this should be carved into the face of a mountain

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This made me laugh more than it should have.

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You’re welcome Amanada (and Taylor too)


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Emil Nolde
Gente eccitata, 1913

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Herblore of the Shire by Meriadoc Brandybuck. 

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the tweet that broke the internet

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